Where Do You Hangout? #MFRWauthor

Hanging out. One definition is "to spend time in a place, to be together socially." So here's a few if my favorite places to 'hang out' online.

When going online, I hang out first on my email server. Although email isn't traditionally considered social media, I include it because I check the posts and news from the online groups I belong to via email. Another reason to include email as a 'hangout' is emails serve to initiate contact with other more traditional social media sites when the items are shared on them.

Facebook is next up. Scanning the timeline leads to sharing selected items on my author page. With occasionally a share to twitter.

Twitter usually gets the bulk of my hangout time. Reading tweets, re-tweeting, and programming messages for upcoming events, blog posts, and supporting other authors. I have lists set up for those I follow, people who follow me and my favorite groups @MFRW_org and @RomanceUniv.

Goodreads, Pinterest

Goodreads is an occasional hangout. I'm not there every day but check-in regularly. I love my readers and Goodreads is where the contact is more personal than some of the other sites.

To Blog or Not to Blog
The final online hangout is here on my blog where I share news of my writing, notes on writing life, and bits too long for Facebook and Twitter. A really good day is when a reader leaves a note or I can share a review. 

Now that I've shared some insights, to find me at the hangout of your choice, click on the icons on the sidebar or the links below. Hope to hang out soon. And be sure to visit the other autors in the challenge.

~till next time, Helen

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  1. Email works. It's not a 'hangout' in the traditional sense, but it's still a way to connect with people. Like readers that use the contact me form from your website or blog.

    1. One of myy main uses of email is for contact with yahoo groups such as those from readers groups without constantly having to go there to check on the latest activity

  2. I spend too much time on email and Facebook. I read on an MFRW thread to have seperate Emails for writing and other things. I am in the process of seperating them hoping it will free me up some time. I had to let loose some groups I was in way too many, still am. great post.

    1. A while back I separated my emails to keep personal ones from those of writing blogs and groups. I read my personal ones first then as time allows goes through the writing ones. Lets just say one is always behind. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Helen, I followed you at your social media sites.

    My link was wrong in the linky list. The correct one is https://www.lindalyndi.com/2017/04/14/social-media-hangouts/

    1. Thanks for the link.I was able to cypher out a couple of the others that errored out, but wasn't able to update yours in the comments. Thanks for the headsup and the follows. And I love the cover for Tova's Dragon.


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