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Laughing... or not #MFRWauthor

Let me state up front that I am not a laughing, jubilant person. Deep belly rolls don't come easy. Especially in the confines of the rooms of a medical facility. Even the best ones are not conducive to being upbeat and happy. Rainy or snowy days bleech out the joy in life. My characters dread the long days of winter, it is the worst of time for them.

Raunchy humor and shock jock aren't my cup of tea. I don't laugh at another's expense. The funny videos of someone getting hurt don't even draw a chuckle. I will admit that some of the old slapstick, the Keystone cops in particular will pull a laugh. Abbott and Costello routines have brightened a dull night.

I will close with something that made me clap my hands and laugh out loud. Now keep is mind I don't surf the net looking for cute kitten videos, but I have laughed at a clip of a dog hanging its head after being caught doing wrong. The chuckle I'm sharing happened at the Westminster Dog Show. I originally looked up the show because they not only had agility trials for dogs but for cats as well. I didn't find any clips of the cats showing their prowess, but one of a beagle captured my interest. It wasn't her flawless performance that brought the audience to laugh, only a dog being a dog. The short clip is here is you want to visit it, then go see what brings a smile to some of the other authors in the challenge.

Photo by Dianne Hope at Morguefile
~till next time, may laughter always be yours. Helen


  1. I confess, I love the dog and cat videos on Facebook!

  2. I don't go looking but sometimes one appears on my timeline. And of course I have to look.

  3. Puppies! I don't go looking for dog and cat videos either. My mother in law is a big dog person and sends me videos of the puppies she fosters all the time.

  4. I love dogs period and puppies are the best. So cute and funny.

  5. Mia was adorable! I'm a dog person too.

  6. For someone who doesn't go looking for cute animal clips, you sure found a good one. Mia was great.


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