Book Hooks, Lost in the Thrall

Hatchling's Vengeance
(Book 4 of the Dragshi Chronicles)



Glyn, former bodyguard and companion to a dragon lord, is now Lady Glynnes Janaleigh, a dragon lord in her own right. And she has found her intended mate. But, her new-found happiness is fleeting. Finding your mate is only half the battle. Keeping them alive is the other. For the last two unattached dragon shifters, survival depends on their swords—and love.

Sometimes not even dragon fire and talons are enough to overcome the journey controlled by fate and the mind control wielded by the leader called—the Parant.


Fear for his friend chilled Talann. Kynan’s lost in the mating thrall. The other dragshi’s hide glowed a brilliant orange from his exertions. His entire being broadcast a single determination—he would wait no longer.

Kynan trumpeted his defiance.
<I fly Lexii. No one will stop me.>

As he swept past, he stretched out a claw. Sharp talons raked Talann from shoulder to wingtip, ripping through flesh and sinew. The pain of a thousand knife cuts tore through his body. 

* * * 

End of Excerpt

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