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(Book 1 of the Windmaster Novels

Prophecy decreed Ellspeth marry the Archmage. However, despite the attraction to him, Ellspeth’s heart fought the announced destiny. For to be with Lord Dal meant she had to take all that came with him, including magic. Love meant the loss of her ship and crew because to a mage the sea meant death.

The millstream looked so inviting he dropped the makeshift towel and stripped off his shirt and breeches. Three steps took him into the cool water. Several quick splashes cooled his sweat-drenched skin and ran in rivulets down the muscles of his chest.

Olier’s stentorian yell disrupted the peacefulness of the swim. “Dal, you lazy beast. Get your bones in here. The syrup needs to be cooled.” Long strokes of Dal’s tanned arms brought him to the stream’s edge. Snatching up the towel, he dried off. His toss landed the makeshift towel on the knob protruding from the mill door.

Windmaster - published by BWL Publishing

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  1. I really enjoyed the book. Love fantasy stories with a defference.

  2. What a gorgeous cover, Helen. Somehow I didn't notice it last week, but your heroine is truly arresting.


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