Space - Beyond the Room #MFRWauthor

Writing space -- How would you interpret those two words which are part of an author's existence. Is it a comfortable recliner? Or maybe a corner of the kitchen counter. Or the response could be as simple as "wherever I am." This post answers the question. However, there is a second part that goes "beyond the room."

I'm one of those whose answer is "wherever I am." A hard plastic chair in the emergency room or the only slightly more comfortable one in a room in the intensive care unit are two of the more unusual writing spaces that helped spawn my novels. Of course, these spots required using pen and paper and a small clipboard. And the scenes had to be extracted from the numerous medical notes scribbled on the pages.

My normal writing space is a comfortable recliner in the living room so I can keep an eye on family and be available as need be or a desk cluttered with reference books in what is jokingly called "my office."

My favorite writing spot is the deck of a mountain cabin overlooking the lake. No television means a lot of writing can get done. That is after room and board was earned. Daylight was reserved for caulking, painting, and staining. At least until the afternoon shower rolled in to signal the end of the outdoor work day.

Now to the second part, the space beyond the room. Writing like many creative activities can also contain a mental space. A centering of spirit that opens our psyche to contact with our characters and lets the muse take control of our thoughts and fingers.  When weather permits (and it does more often in the mid-South than my native northeast) a glider on the front porch with a glass of white wine spritzer or sweet tea on the ground next to me, calms my soul so I can hear the muse.

What is your writing space? Is it an actual space or a state of mind? Leave a comment below and be sure to visit the other authors to read about their "writing space."

~till next time, Helen


  1. I also write wherever I am, in whatever I can find. Its a useful skill as a writer.

  2. I've written in several hospital rooms. Those rolling, adjustable trays make fine temporary desks!

  3. *drools over the roll top desk* Sorry, what were we talking about again? ;)

    One of my favorite places to write while visiting my grandmother in Florida was on a picnic table by the bay:)

  4. I agree on needing to hear the muse. If I'm annoyed or just in a bad headspace for whatever reason, then writing is harder for me.

  5. Lovely post, Helen! The cabin sounds amazing.

  6. Excellent point about 'writing space' also being a mental space. Sometimes writing is so easy, when I'm in my space. Other time, ugh! I'm not.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing, Helen. That swing on the porch sounds heavenly.

  8. Gosh, I'd love to write from that swing or overlooking that beautiful lake!


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