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Filling the Bucket #MFRWauthor

WEEK 48 OF THE CHALLENGE is another of those personal topics. This post is going to be short. Despite my age, I try to tell myself I'm too young for a bucket list (just ignore the silver hair.)

Two activities tease the back of my mind. An inn-to-inn bicycle tour and a camping trip on horseback in Montana or Wyoming.

Other items are trips to:
    Hawaii - I want to visit KÄ«lauea and while there honor Pele by tossing a lei into her cave. Then a hike through the rain forest with a slide down a waterfall to cool off.

    Photo by Emily Roesly at

    Scotland - honor my ancestors with a trip to the land of my heritage. And while across the pond, use the trip to research Ireland and Wales.

    And if there is any money left over (yeah, right) attend the writers' and readers' conferences I've missed over the years. A special wish is to combine a Hawaiian cruise with a writer's conference. Homing the craft and attending workshops fills the time while out of sight of land, and then you visit the islands for photography and inspiration.

    For an off-the-wall, never-gonna-happen item, write a best-seller novel.
        While I'm gone, be sure to see what's in other buckets.
        ~till next time, Helen


        1. I want to go to Hawaii someday, too. And I've had a trip across the pond to visit places my ancestors lived on the list for a long time. I hope you accomplish all the items on your list someday soon; :)

        2. I'd love to go to Hawaii one day also!

        3. We share a couple of the same things. I didn't know I had a list until the topic this week. Cheers to emptying your bucket. :-)

        4. Last year hubby and I met a couple in their seventies from Montana who keep mules. They take a two month mule-packing and camping trip through the state every year. It was very inspiring.

        5. An inn-to-inn bicycle tour sounds very cool. I hope you get to check more items off your bucket list very soon!

        6. We'll be thinking about you next week while you're carrying a bucket around with you. Enjoy!

        7. To everyone who stopped by, may all your dreams come true. Thanks for stopping by.

        8. I'm holding out for the best seller as well. Good luck with getting them and have a happy holiday season.

        9. The waterfall sounds amazing! I'd love to walk through a rain forest as well. My 'best-seller' dreams are small. I'd be happy with decent rankings on Amazon that's not in the hundred thousand mark. LOL

          1. I agree about the rankings. But these days between pirates and stacked decks, it seems that's the level for an indie or small press author unless you get real lucky, such as being selected for a NY Times Best Seller. Each pirated download is one less sale which is one less tick towards a top 100 slot. Thanks for stopping by.


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