Am I Partying Yet? #mfrwauthor

Yay! I've typed "The End." The manuscript I've been working on for months (or years) is finally completed. Should I start celebrating?

Nope. "The End" is not the end.  There are at least two rounds of revisions, submitting to a publisher, or if going the independent route, the minutiae of production. Then there is the marketing and promotion leading up to the release. It used to be that after the release, you had a glass of wine, sat down to read a book by another author and watch a little television. When that celebration was over, work on the next book began.

These days a major activity once a manuscript is completed (at least for me) is expanding distribution and although not as enjoyable, tracking illegal distribution sites. So far in the last year or so I recorded over 64,000 DCMA notices. Even if just a small percentage of books are actually downloaded, when the number of copies the pirates (and their accomplices) steal exceeds the legal copies by multiple magnitudes, it makes you wonder why we even bother to write a book where we make 25 cents or less per copy.

So as far as how I celebrate ending a manuscript? I don't. There is no reason to do so, no reason to party unless I'm spending money to host a launch. And I mean a real one with drinks, and guests and all. What a minute. That means I'd have to know people to invite. 

Nope, not going to celebrate. 

~till next time, Helen

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  1. There sure is a lot to do after publication. Once my book goes to the editor, that's my time to create graphics and start a new book if I haven't already though I make graphics after publication, too. I like a few days down-time after the book is published, but a few days is about it. I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. There is a lot to do after typing those words 'the end' which can suck the joy out of completion. Even taking a minute to bask in the glory of completing a project that you nursed from nothing to a rich world full of unique characters and events.


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