Hooked on Imprisoned in Stone, Welcome and Farewell, #MFRWHooks

We've seen the outfits and dance partners of the Year's End celebration. For the final excerpt in the series, a welcome and the foreshadowing of a farewell.


A chime pealing across the meadow and all the crystal globes sang in response.

Surprise flooded Tralin’s face. “It can’t be.” In less than a heartbeat, a second bell rang out. “Quickly, follow me. And bring your glasses,” she ordered. Snatching up a bottle of wine, she raced outside. Snow swirled with her passage.

At the sight of her mistress disappearing in the darkness beyond the barn door, Maerva grabbed her shawl and ran after Tralin. Colwynn and Gareth followed a half-step behind.

Maerva’s frantic charge ended just beyond the chapel. “Mistress, you will catch your death.”

The older woman didn’t answer, but stood transfixed. Winged flecks of gold appeared, first one then another, until a dazzling curtain of light soared over the meadow. “The sprites,” Tralin whispered. “It has been many years since they appeared.”

The thunder of hooves shattered the silence of the meadow. In a flash of white, Rascal galloped out into the center of the sprites. Kai moved like a dark shadow at the stallion’s side. Instead of a solid glowing sphere, the sprites broke apart into four balls that each mirrored the full moon. Clusters of the golden creatures settled on Rascal and Kai, limning them with a ghostly radiance. The remainder formed ethereal versions of the horse and seisag. Real and sprite-created horses cavorted around the meadow to an ancient tune that floated through the night.

Maerva glanced at her mistress. It was almost as if decades dropped off the other woman’s age. Unlike the rapt expressions on Gareth and Tralin, a hint of self-satisfaction danced in Colwynn’s eyes. A realization struck. He has seen the sprites before.

“Old friends and new, thank you,” Tralin called. “Come, join me, Maerva. Not many get to see the sprites welcome in a new year.” She splashed wine into her glass and lifted the goblet high. “Sprites of the earth, dancers of the sky. In your honor, I offer this fruit of the vine.”

Maerva echoed the invitation. Gareth’s hesitant and Colwynn’s sure tones made their own offerings. Soon, tiny nymphs drank from each glass. Peering closely, she saw their individual features and golden wings magnified through the crystal.

Time suspended. An unearthly tune arose. It grew louder as more and more of the winged creatures soared skyward. They hovered in a final chorus, then circled to the stars in golden ribbons of light.

In their absence, silence cloaked the night. Tears burned Maerva’s eyes. Blinking, she fought to clear her vision. She was not the only one affected. Rivulets streamed down Tralin’s face. Neither man, seisag, or horse moved until a solitary moonbeam penetrated the darkness to pin Tralin in a pool of white.

 ~ ~ ~

Four paths--one destiny. With the power to bind souls and control all magic in the balance.

I hope you enjoyed this series of excerpts from Imprisoned in Stone. To help keep the posts suitable for a wider audience, the lighter aspects of the story were showcased, rather than the dark aspects of magic and men.

Imprisoned in Stone--available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Walmart and elsewhere.


  1. What wonderful descriptions. Sprites are wonderful

    1. I think I'll have to work some more sprites in. Everyone seems to enjoy them.

  2. Fabulous hook. I'm enjoying your posts from this book.

    1. glad you're enjoying them. I've keep the posts to the lighter side and kept away from the dark spells and blood sacrifices.

  3. Wow! I would love to see that. I almost can, through your words. A fabulous hook.

    1. being able to see it is a compliment, especially coming from you.

  4. What a beautiful scene. You brought it to life wonderfully.


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