#BookQW Unusual, From Imprisoned in Stone, #MFRWHook

A book hook using the quote word of the week "USUAL."

From the dark fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone.


Within the trees, she slowed her pace. The farther in she went, the quieter the woods became, void of all the usual sounds of both bird and insect. A twig snapped behind her. Maerva spun, sword in hand.

A net dropped over her. She struck out, her blade snagging in the thick roping. Again, she slashed, fear adding strength to the blow. A weight fell on her shoulders bearing her to the ground. She twisted to free herself only to have a knee grind into her neck. The kick that numbed her hand sent the blade flying into the brush.
“Well, well, we meet again, my dear.” Fear surged through Maerva at recognition of the voice–Cuhlwch.

Someone flipped the net over her head. She struggled to get free as coarse ropes bound her hands behind her back. Rough hands dragged her to her knees. The leader of the Brethren stood over her.

His gaze raked her body from head to toe, lingering on the breasts showing through the rumpled tunic. Cuhlwch smiled a grin that contained no mirth. “Now, Maerva, let’s go find that escaped thorn in my side–and my son. Both have much to answer for. This time there will be no mercy for either. Then you and I shall explore my plans for the Brethren.”

He leaned in so close, Maerva felt his hot breath on her cheek. His lips grazed her neck. “Compliance is not needed to create an heir.”

~ ~ ~

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  1. What a disgusting man. I hope she gets free and clocks him!

    1. Spoiler alert: he does get his come-uppance. Although it not from her but from someone whom Cuhlwich hurt even more.

  2. Nasty man. Last bit shows his nature. She must be strong.

    1. Imprisoned in Stone is a lot darker than anything I've written before and I think Cuhlwich is the nastiest villan, willing to sacrifice anyone and anything in the name of power. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nicely written. I hope he gets what's coming to him.

    1. He gets what he deserves. Unfortunately it isn't what he wants nor achieved by the means he plans.


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