M is for Mage

M is for Mage

Being a mage is more than just wielding magic. One of the rules of magic is that its use comes with a price. In the case of Lord Dal, Archmage of the World, the price is everyone and everything he holds dear. Because he held the master spells, Dal was responsible for every wizard from the fullness of their powers to those in the throes of awakening. Which increased his guilt when everyone on the isle that is the heart home of all wizards is killed. No one is spared not woman nor child, nor wizard or villager.

Dal must save the future of magic for the generations to come. For those with power will have magic, whether good or bad. First he has to find the murderer of his brethren. Not only has to keep a powerful token out of the rogue mage’s hand, but prevent the power-hungry man from killing the next generation of wizards, including the woman Dal loves—Ellspeth.

A different price is asked in Windmaster Legend. The lure of magic could cost Subcommander Pelra the gold bracelets of rank, the man she loves... and her life. When the accused weapon is magic, not even being a continent away can save you from the charges of sinking a ship or kinslaying.

Sometimes the price of being a mage is more physical as Colwynn finds out in the fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone. His father wants to learn the secret of binding a mage to the earth, preventing him passing through the veil. The key ingredient to the dark magic is blood. And Colwynn's father decrees the source will be? Colwynn.

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