R is for Redemption

R is for Redemption

When I reached the letter “R” in the list, the cover of Hatchling’s Vengeance appeared. Now, vengeance doesn’t start with "R" so why should that book come to mind. There is a flip-side to vengeance, and that is “Redemption.”

Merriam-Webster defined redemption as “the fact of being saved from sin or evil.” And it relates to Hatchling’s Vengeance because of the question the book prompts. “For those who the Parant commands, will vengeance yield to love and provide a path to redemption? Or will retribution decree the punishment for past acts be death?”

Haldric served the Parant whose hatred of dragons and dragon shifters demanded their deaths. Leirche also served the Parant as military leader and tactician. Their actions both in commanding the Parant’s followers and against both innocent and dragshi alike meet the criteria of "evil."

So where does redemption come in? Through love, both in giving it and receiving it, two men have a chance at redemption. Here one stands before the tribunal whose decree will mean life... or death, redemption or vengeance.

Shock and anger registered on the faces of those behind the rulers. Rough hands pushed Leirche. As he shambled forward, hampered by the ropes on his arms and the shackles around his ankles, he noted those he passed. Each showed shock at Galiel’s flat statement of the Parant’s order. Except one—Talann. What his features showed was beyond anger. No man stood before Leirche, but an avenging angel.

The force of a hand sent Leirche to his knees before Eirwen. He looked up at Galiel. “You should not have come. You were safe.” A blow to the back of his head from one of the soldiers cut off what else he would have said.

“My dear child,” Eirwen said. Despite her soft tone, it seemed to rip through the pounding in Leirche’s ears. “That one led the Parant’s forces.”

A harsh edge tinged her features. “And killed two innocent oldsters who wanted nothing more than to spend their last hours on this world in peace.”

Where before he felt a glimmer of hope, Eirwen’s statement told Leirche his life was forfeit. But what of Galiel? Have I doomed her too?

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