Z is for Zethar

Z is for Zethar

Finding a character or place name that began with the letter "Z" was hard. The only common word that came to mind was zoo. But I didn't use a zoo setting in any of the Windmaster Novels or the Dragshi Chronicles. So, I decided to go with Zethar, the golden falaire mare in Windmaster Legacy who served as Ellspeth’s mount during their travels in Tarekus.

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Zethar's coloring is gold with a tan mane and white front stockings. She is the daughter of Wynne, head mare of one of the falaire herds that inhabit the vale near the Isle of Mages. Zethar was one of the falaire who, under Wynne’s lead, traveled with Lord Dal and Lady Ellspeth to bring new blood to the falaire herd in Dal’s mother’s ancestral lands.

An excerpt from Windmaster Legacy where Ellspeth explains to a new friend about the falaire, and Zethar's comment.
Fàlaire are special. I remember my first meeting with one. I was on sentry duty and sensed someone watching me. Finally, I woke Dal. He scryed the area outside the camp, but didn’t see anything untoward. Apparently, some of the fàlaire can do more than disguise themselves as ordinary horses. They also can block a wizard’s ability to see them using magic.”

Zethar’s soft whinny sounded like a small child saying, “I can do it, too.”
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#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgeWith "Z" the A-Z challenge is complete. I hope you've enjoyed the insights into the Dragshi Chronicles, and the Windmaster Novels. and that you'll continue to 
visit the blog. Besides the journey to the stars and worlds of imagination, here's the master list of the other participants in the challenge.

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