Gift or Not? #mfrwauthor

The official topic for this week's post is "Gift Getting - What I Wanted, But Not Very Much." Thoughts on the first part of the topic were shared as "Best Gifts Are Personal" in the 2018 challenge.

A post that covers the good and the bad of a gift was also part of that challenge. It covered piracy (the worst gift to an author) and a review (which could be the best.) So, no talking about reviews which are gifts we as authors want, but sometimes not very much. Instead, I asked my characters to share. First up, Captain Ellspeth.

Lady Ellspeth, have you ever received a gift that you weren't sure you really wanted?

That night at dinner when the Archmage Lord Dal implied that I had the ability to work magic, it took every ounce of my self-control not to throw him overboard. Sea Falcon was my ship. I earned my command and vessel. But magic and the deep blue didn't mix, so the gift he offered meant losing everything I had worked my entire life for.

And now?

A smile twitched her lips. I couldn't imagine not being a mage.

The whoosh of dragon wings overhead told of another who wanted to share. A tall slender man walked from the dust raised by the dragon's landing. Good day, Lord Talann.

I heard that the talented writers of MFRW were talking about gifts.

He pulled a small, black velvet pouch from his pocket and dumped its contents into his hand. After a brief moment, he extended it for me to examine. The gold cylinder was embossed on one end with a dragon in flight. What Talann showed me was what many would kill for, the symbol of the power of the dragshi. With that seal, a person could get food, shelter, transport, or anything he wanted.

Yes, it is the symbol of the dragshi. When my parents gave it to me, I saw a different reality than what was was generally expected. It was not the key to a treasure but a curse.
A shadow darkened his face. To me, the gift meant that my parents believed I would never be a dragshi, never take on dragon form.

What does the seal mean to you now? 

A genuine smile twitched his lips. A special gift from my parents, of their faith in me--and a special remembrance of my heritage.

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  1. That's an interesting thought. I'm writing a scene now in which a character gives another a gift. It's a loaded moment, as she's both touched and alarmed by his intensity.

  2. I enjoyed the snippets and unique way you chose to answer this topic.

    1. thank you. It was a way to answer differently than previous challenges, and to not reveal something that might hurt someone's feelings. Thanks for stopping by.


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