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Welcome to Week 5 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "Can you talk politics with family and friends?"

As a rule I don't discuss politics with friends. Many of those whom I'm close enough to do so with don't live in the same town, but in other states or over the border in Canada. Pride in country no matter how stupid people are would keep me from venting or sharing personal knowledge.

Then that leaves the second part of the prompt--family. Politics and especially politicians can be a volatile issue. For many years a family member was quite active in the local politics of the town. Things were for the most part civil, in part because almost everybody knew everybody. A council seat was not seen as a means to a higher position, but as community service.

On the few occasions when an acquaintance or out-of-state friend asked for an opinion on one of the politicians from my state who were campaigning at a national level my answer is usually a simple. "No comment."

~till next time, Helen

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  1. No comment is a very politic answer! ;)

    I might try talking politics once. If the feelings are strong, I wouldn't do it again. But I have to feel pretty safe to try it at all.

  2. Great answer, Helen. No comment. I'm with ya.


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