Up the Lazy River #MFRWAuthor

Welcome to Week 12 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "If you won the $10,000 lottery."

Shortly after I moved to my current town, a neighbor the next street  over won a multi-million dollar lottery. I never met them. By the time the banner went up in the window of the local grocery where the ticket had been sold, the people left town. But the event did spark a lot of "What if?" dreams.

In terms of today's dollars, ten grand isn't really that much. It won't buy you a new car -- only the downpayment. 

Jewelry? Depending on the carat quality, a ring for one finger.

Courtesy of Pixabay.

If I won a $10,000 lottery, I originally thought of a special vacation. The winnings wouldn't be enough for a 60-day around the world extravagance. The winnings would only cover a much shorter, river cruise, maybe up the Mississippi or the Colombia and Snake River. However, that sounds good to me. Especially since I would be able to afford the amenity of my own balcony to sit on and watch the shore go by. Then the world changed so no cruise unless I'm paddling my own canoe. So for now I'd put the money in the bank for a special something in the future. Maybe to take a great-grandmother to see her new great-granddaughter.

~dreaming of winning. Until next time, Helen

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  1. I would love to do the river cruise too. When I visit dad in Hannibal we go greet the cruise boats that dock and it is fun watching the people and looking at the magnificent boats. I would love to ride on one. I have the little local tour one. But to go up or down the river would be so much fun. (if my fear of water wouldn't kick in LOL)

    1. I've done harbor cruises around my old town and Corpus Christi TX; lake cruises in New York, and a whale watching cruise. But they were only for a few hours. I don't really like the deep blue of the ocean.


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