In person, please. #mfrwauthor

Welcome to Week 16 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "Online shopping or go to stores." Obviously this topic was chosen before the world changed and all non-essential businesses closed. As this post is published, I'm currently beginning week 8 of safer-at-home restrictions. But, enough of that, here is the answer to shopping preferences.

Online shopping, either at a small businesses website or a behemoth site, provides a greater variety of choices. But buying at a big box store or a chain allows for a more hands-on shopping. experience.

Then you have "ship-to-store" which provides the best of both worlds without having to worry about minimums to qualify for free shipping.

Since the person I take care of loves to shop, going to a store or mall is the first choice as it provides the opportunity for an outing.

~Happy shopping all. till next time, Helen


  1. I prefer to stay at home. My DIL loves getting out and needs help with the kids so before this pandemic I was getting out more. Staying home suits me just fine (Though I have a big yard in a not crowded neighborhood so I can still get out in fresh air.)

    1. You're right about the fresh air. Am enjoying the sunroon we added on the other year. You can open windows, and feel like you're outside watching the birds without it being too windy or buggy. The one I care for misses shopping so it's car trips to pick up meds or around the block. Stay safe.


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