Color Doesn't Matter #MFRWauthor

Welcome to Week 19 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "Do Blonds Have More Fun."

My short answer is "No." One reason is that I don't give my characters blond, yellow, golden, or flaxen-colored hair. I found that it was too difficult to find an appropriate model with blond hair. Stock photo sites have more brunettes or models with dark-color hair which means I have more choices. The closest I came was Ellspeth of the Windmaster Novels (lower left). Her light-colored hair isn't a true blond. It actually was silver because the price of using her magic is for her hair to turn gray.

A review of my character worksheets showed that I broke my own guidelines. Subcommander Pelra of the House of Pirri (upper right) is listed as having blond hair. The rest of her physical description is slender build and strong hands from driving a wagon.

Now as to the "fun" part of the topic. If being refused the rank you've earned by leadership and bringing profit to the house is your idea of fun, then the answer is "yes." Pelra was relegated to a backwater assignment, eventually stripped of her rank, and disowned by her own house. In her case, I would say blonds definitely don't have more fun.

Even if they are not kick-ass warriors, the ladies in my books need to be able to hold their own with with sword or bow or spell. They are strong enough to lead men and to walk beside their mate, not behind him.

More on the ladies of the Dragshi, the Windmaster Novels, and Maerva of Imprisoned in Stone can be found by clicking on the covers in the banner.

~till next time, Helen

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