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Chocolate? Yes! #mfrwauthor

Welcome to another week of the MFRW challenge. The topic is "Chocolate." 

Image by Nawal Escape from Pixabay

An impromptu survey of dark, milk, or light chocolate resulted in two questions:

What is light chocolate?
And, you forgot white chocolate.

The answer as to preference was a simple "Yes."

As for myself, I'll take chocolate in any form. Although if two plates were before me, I'd be hard pressed to choose between dark and white chocolate.

~till next time, Helen


  1. Helen, I'm with you in moderation, except for Lindt's white truffles. I could eat that whole package!

  2. I'm with you, Helen! I'll take chocolate in any form too. Have you tried caramel or pink chocolate before? They're so very delicious.


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