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A teaser of magic of a darker kind from Imprisoned in Stone. For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. Every full moon, they awakened him and renewed the bonds. When the blood dried on the stone, his awareness faded, but during those few brief moments, he had one thought--revenge. 

For this weeks teaser, more of the start of Dylan's revenge. But the question remains. At what cost will it be achieved?


The man swept the blade aside, then moved in with a series of thrusts. His longer reach, combined with his partner’s heavier weight, forced Gareth back a step, then two, then three. The sound of other battles sent his pulse racing. Maerva! 

“We will save her,” Dylan vowed. “They may have dismissed your powers. They won’t mine!”  

Dylan’s magic, stronger than anything Gareth had ever experienced, stronger even than Tralin’s, gathered to form a solid shield. Sparks limned sword and dagger, then merged into a solid flame that hid the metal. 

 A fiery spear soared to the closest attacker. The glow struck the monk in the middle of his chest—and adhered. Inch by inch, the fire spread until the robe burst into flames. His scream cut off in mid-breath. Gareth threw a final flare which turned the man into a pile of ash which disappeared in the light breeze.

The second monk stared at his missing comrade. “Enough,” he yelled. With a yank he pulled the robe over his head and swung the heavy fabric in ever increasing circles. He released his grip, sending a black-winged creature fluttering at Gareth’s head.

A flick of Gareth’s dagger sent a burning ribbon toward the entral which vanished in a puff of smoke. “You’re right,” Gareth rasped. “It was enough.” Maerva’s yell spun him. Her opponent had pinned her against a tree. The monk’s dagger raised for a killing blow.

*** End of Excerpt ***

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  1. Love the excerpt

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  2. An exciting scene. Loved the cloak turning into the bird


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