2021 R : Revenge #AtoZChallenge #MFRWAuthor

Revenge can be an irresistible urge. The trigger can be the theft of a birthrite or the murder of a friend or kinsman.
The murder of everyone on the Isle of Mages, from student to master, and child to tradesman, set Dal, the archmage on the vengeance trail. The rogue mage's attack on Ellspeth's ship in an attempt to kill Dal resulted in the death of her cabin boy provided Dal with an ally and traveling companion. (Windmaster)

Vengeance doesn't always pertain to or remain in one generation. Talann of Cloud Eyrie tried to disobey the head of the dragshi to hunt down the killer of two elderly dragon shifters. He failed, not because of his mistress' order, but because neither horse nor seidhern would allow him into the saddle. (Hatchling's Mate)

Leod vowed to kill any and all dragon shifters because they murdered his ancestor. That fact that his kinsman led a failed attack on the home of the dragshi and received a fair trial didn't matter. (First Change)

To see whether one or two graves was dug when revenge was taken, click on the covers in the banner for buy links. Two writing hops collided today -- the MFRW Book Hooks and the AtoZ in April. To treat them both equally, I decided to add the hashtags for both to the title line and links to the list of posters from both.

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  1. Revenge - yes it's a big motivation for some of your great stories.


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