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Having A Voice

Today's note is not about writing, at least not in the traditional 'how to.' An old saying is that there are two sides to a coin. In writing, there are two sides also. The Creator and the Reader. Today's post is about the reader--and their voice. Often there are few avenues by which a reader can speak their mind, give their opinion. The most common is with their wallet. If a reader doesn't like a book, they speak with their money and don't buy another. Maybe they will write a scathing review on their favorite site. But both of those methods come after the work is created.

If as a reader you would like to have a voice (and not crack open the dust-covered pouch of coins. Yes I write fantasy and we pay in coppers and coins, but I guess I should have said, not add to the bill on the plastic card). 

There is a survey up until the end of September. The one who is offering the opportunity is Lily Bishop, Author of No Strings Attached.

Although the survey is short, a mere handful of questions, it is your chance to tell what kind of romance novel you prefer and give insight before they are created.

Click here to participate.

~Till next time Helen

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