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You Made a Resolution - Now to Keep It

Last week, the post was about resolutions. Following the focus of beginning the new year on a positive note, I thought I'd pass along an article by Fae Rowan which contains advice on how to keep your resolutions--especially if you resolved to write more, write better, or set certain goals for your writing career.

Fae lists seven key words. While they may or may not be familiar to you as a writer, you can say they are battle-tested. According to Fae, "These are the Seven Keys to Excellence that are the basis for Navy SEAL training."

I can hear your denials now. "I'm not a Seal," or "I don't jump out of a helicopter into the ocean." And my own, "I can't swim more than two strokes and I'm a couch potato, what do I need the keys to their training."

To learn the answer how seven words will help you meet your resolution,you have to go read the article at seven-tips-to-level-up-your-writing-career/. Fae explains how they fit into her writing life, and it sounded a lot like mine. And probably yours too.

One of the things that caught my interest was the similarity between Fae's bio and mine. Fae Rowen discovered the romance genre after years as a science fiction freak. Writing futuristics and medieval paranormals, she jokes that she can live anywhere but the present. As a mathematician, she knows life’s a lot more fun when you get to define your world and its rules.

My primary genre was fantasy (with some short science fiction stories sprinkled in.) Then a romance writer in my online critique group helped me develop that side of my writing and romance learned to take its rightful place alongside the fantasy. The comment about able to live elsewhere also resonated with me. Although my variant is that I get to hang out with mages and fly with dragons.

~till next time, Helen

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