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Love is forbidden between the living
and those the government bring back from the grave. 

But it happens.

 In a not so distant future, a select group of the world's most talented and intelligent are brought back from the dead. Called recovs, they have 96 hours to create a child with the perfect genetic match selected for them by the government Whether or not the recov and their human match wish it. Love is not supposed to enter the equation and there are consequences when it does.

Eric Marten just had his deepest wish come true. He has the government's demand to create a child with Lauren Woods, the woman of his dreams--and a recov. Although he has been granted his lifelong desire, Eric refuses to obey.

Desire, the government’s plans, and the reality of the world of tomorrow collide in this short story by the author of the fantasy series, the Dragshi Chronicles.

Length:   5K 

Steel-cabled fingers wrapped around Marten’s wrist. The pressure tightened. A low moan escaped from his narrowed lips. The vice-like grip loosened slightly, but not enough for him to escape. He sensed his neighbors listening from the safety of their tiny, one-room apartments. However, not a single one of them dared to open their door. Only the featureless row of gray squares greeted Marten’s search.

Anger faded beneath the realization no one would miss him. He had no family, no real friends. He could disappear without anyone acknowledging he ever existed. Urban legends of people disappearing into GSB re-education schools and never returning filled Marten’s mind. The face of Jorad, a classmate who went for special tutoring and was never seen again, floated up from deep within Marten’s memory. The paralysis broke. This can’t be happening, he swore in silence. He struggled to break free of the arm restraining him... to no avail.

You will come. NOW!” A bone-bruising tug accompanied the request. The android’s inhuman force half-dragged Marten down the hall.

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