B is for Broch

B is for Broch.

Yesterday’s post ended with a mention of Lady Broch of Ky’port. We first see her through the eyes of the dragon lord, Branin Llewlyn in Dragon Destiny

Until his true mate appeared, he resigned himself to lesser relationships with the opposite sex. Over the years, many women had tried to seduce him in order to claim they’d bedded a dragon shifter or to garner the power a dragshi-wielded. At their first contact, he always made it clear no dragshi could have a permanent liaison with a true human, and that his favors could not be bought with money or wiles. Most women took his word and remained satisfied with the companionship. If they pursued their relationship to a physical level, it was done with no expectations beyond mutual pleasure.
He pictured the red-haired beauty he just left. Broch went beyond the usual flattery and flirtations. Sharp words always seemed to lie just beneath her light tone and apparent sincerity. Despite her physical beauty, he sensed a ruthlessness within her. No matter how hard she tried to throw herself at him, the fire never kindled.
Next, a snippit of her plans. She has just received a note from her father recalling her back to her family’s hold. Once the anger at having her plans to wed Branin ruined because she needed more time, she came up with a Plan B.
If Branin were my escort, accompanied me back to Ky’Port, we would be alone on the trail. With time and privacy, no man with blood in his veins has ever been able to refuse me. Branin will beg me to marry him.

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  1. intriguing, looking forward to reading more. bridginasauthorpageat.wordpress.com

  2. No means no. People (and beings) keep needing to learn it and we, as authors, keep on finding inspiration from it. - Looks good, http://www.erinpenn.com/blog/

  3. She may regret her machinations.

  4. Interesting... It seems that she has everything under control. :)


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