C is for Cailin

C Continuing with the theme of the dragshi, “C” is for Cailin.

Within each of the Dragshi Chronicles, the ceoltiers, the keepers of the past and teachers of the present, recount some legend. As with all such tales, some contain larger than life deeds. Others are the simple story of a man or woman doing what must be done, regardless of the cost. Sometimes embellished, the ceoltiers use the stories of times and actions past to educate and inspire. Forever Bound, one of the tales in the final volume of the Dragshi Chronicles, recounts a legend mentioned in the other Dragshi Chronicles, the love story of two dragon lords, Lasair and Cailin. This scene introduces both.

Taking advantage of the first clear skies in several sevenday, Lasair took on the winged form of his dragon soul twin, Donnursach. He flew too far too fast and now paid the price. Slowed by exhaustion, storms caught him far from the protection of Cloud Eyrie whose thick walls protected man and beast from the ground-rocking storms.

Streams of fire leapt from the clouds. Far below, a rock jutting from a craggy cliff exploded, sending fragments skyward. He side-slipped to dodge a lethal sliver of stone. Two more missed, but then a dagger-sized shard of rock grazed a pinion, ripping through dragon hide. Hissing, Lasair blocked the pain and struggled to avoid crashing into the rocky peaks below.

For more on the world of the dragshi, some romance to go with the action. The storm on his wingtips, Lasair landed to the following reception.  
A form in the murkiness blocked his way—Cailin. What was she doing there? Placing an arm around her waist, he pulled her with him into the building, slamming the door against the growing wind.

“Why were you outside?” Lasair yelled. Cailin’s pale face quickly cooled the anger that had surged forward.

“I thought I’d lost you,” she cried. The white of fear quickly shifted into red. Her closed fist swung at his head. “You scared me.”

Lasair blocked the blow and pulled his attacker close. Her slender frame trembled beneath his touch. “Cailin, darling,” he whispered. “I’m fine. Our tips did not even brush the tree trunks.”

The woman in his arms struggled for a moment, then yielded, melding her body to his. Cailin turned eyes red with unshed tears upward. “All I saw in the link was you start to change, then you vanished in the fog. I couldn’t sense you for three candlemarks. Every time I tried to mindspeech you, I only felt the emptiness of the void.”

For several seconds, Lasair held his wife close. “There was no danger.”

A sob laden with fear and anger escaped Cailin. “I thought I’d lost you.”

The gentle strokes meant to calm her warmed Lasair’s hand, but her skin remained chilled. He recognized the fear behind her angry words. If he died, she would be left alone—forever. Dragshi mated for this life and the one beyond.

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  1. Love a good story with dragons! Great theme for A-Z, I'll be back. - Dragons & Spaceships

    1. Glad you stopped by. A listing of all the books in the Dragshi Chronicles is at http://helenhenderson-author.blogspot.com/p/the-dragshi-chronicles.html. From there it's just one click to excerpts and a free read of the first chapters for each book.

  2. I love stories within stories. To me it just gives your world so much greater depth when the people within the world have legends of their own.
    Good luck on A-Z!
    Black and White: D is for Dragon


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