N is for Najest

N is for Najest

Previously in the A-Z posts, the letter “G” stood for Givneh, the home of the Oracle of Giveneh and his temple. In the time of Windmaster Legend, Najest wore the white robe of the oracle. He often travelled the countryside incognito to get the lay of the land. On one of his trips, he needed transport across Botunn Loghes to the city of Berife. The winds that take the boats between the ports of Aigeal and Berife were unusual. In the morning they blew the boats taking pilgrims bound for Giveneh to Berife. Then at dusk, the winds reversed sending the ships back to their berths at Aigeal.

Between Iol’s skillful handling of his ship and knowledge of the currents beneath the surface, and Najest’s ability to control the wind, Loch Bird avoided being becalmed in the middle of the lake and enabled Najest to return to his temple undetected.

That encounter set the scene for Iol to keep a woman escape her abuser by gaining sanctuary in the temple.

Now that you’ve met Najest, if you see a tall thin man with a regal air who moves with the sure step of one familiar with a sword, just nod as you pass him by—unless you need a blessing from the Oracle.

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