O is for One

O is for One

When writing the posts for this challenge, the ones that gave me the most trouble were O, U, V, and Z. After quite a bit of investigation, I decided that "O" stands for "One," as in the "Cyrcle of One."

The Cyrcle of One is a meditative state which connects all living things. In the Windmaster Novels, it was used to locate and communicate with a person afar.
Ever since the sun sank beneath the edge of the plateau, Dal had searched in the Cyrcle of One for Ellspeth. The fleeting contacts he had been able to make with his scrying crystal were more frustrating than helpful. All he ever sensed was her presence in a place devoid of light.
Not all contact is verbal. Read on as an apprentice enters the Cyrcle of One to keep a fatally wounded woman alive until his master can come and heal her. And as always, magic has a price to pay, even if it is only exhaustion and the pins and needles of circulation too long denied to cramped limbs

Barris forced himself to his feet and staggered yet again into the small room where Eilidh lay on a bed piled high with rushes. Dumping his small bag of materials onto the floor, he picked up the blue chalk. Clumsily, with the moves of something newly learned, Barris drew the healing spell Dal had taught him. Fighting his exhaustion, he entered into the Cyrcle of One. Dark clouds enveloped him. Deeper and deeper he sank until he located the silver cord that marked Eilidh’s lifeline. Willing his shadow-self to move, Barris watched the purple orb of his life flash to the spot where Eilidh’s lifeline joined her soul.
He reviewed the instructions Dal left. Now to strengthen the ties between her body and spirit. Back and forth Barris wove an invisible rope between the two aspects of Eilidh’s being. “Ancestors of Clan Daimh beyond the veil, guard and guide your kinswoman,” he prayed. “Eilidh has served you well in this world. Strengthen her in this journey and at the designated time, welcome her to the next.”
Having done all he could, Barris began his passage back into his own body. His first sensations after returning to the here and now were limbs tingling from lack of circulation.

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