P is for Pelra

P is for Pelra.

Who is Pelra?

Lady Pelra of the House of Pirri is a lady of legend from the World of Windmaster, Pelra was first introduced in Windmaster when Captain Ellspeth told the tale of the star-crossed lovers to the Archmage Dal. The post about the encounter is part of the A-Z Challenge as the letter, "L."

But what about Pelra the person?

She is tall and slender. On special occasions, her hair is worn in a braid that is turned into a golden crown, held by glittering pins. Despite having devoted her life to earning the bold bracelets of a captain, she is an accomplished musician and composer.

Excerpts featuring Lady Pelra as seen through other's eyes can be found in the following posts.
Meeting a Lady
Shall We Dance?

And before I forget, the lady herself.

Windmaster - one click to estores
Windmaster Legend - one click to estores

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgeThe next post up is for the letter X, and it stands for Xelme. If you're following other blogs in the challenge, here's the master list of the other participants.

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