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From the sword and sorcery fantasy, Windmaster, an excerpt using the word, "FIND"


Ellspeth stopped her horse in the shadows of the alley’s entrance. From her height she could see a squad of mercenaries gathered at the water’s edge. Craning her neck, she saw a row of armed men in the guild colors of the House of Cszabo filling the dock. Several squads of mercenaries stood at ease in the patches of shade around the edges of the square. Nearest to her, a dozen unaffiliated sailors blocked the entrance to the alley.

“Damn, we’ve got to raise sail before the tide turns.” Her eyes scanned the men before her, trying to find a way to get to her ship. The dramatic gestures of a brown-robed cleric drew her attention. 

“Third,” the word was almost a moan at the recognition of the blond-headed man speaking with the cleric. A member of the ruling council of the House of Cszabo, but even worse to Ellspeth’s mind, was her third uncle’s devout belief in the Oracle of Givneh.

With a nod to the cleric, Ellspeth’s uncle stepped toward Sea Falcon. The ribbons of his council rank fluttered with each step. “Ahoy Sea Falcon,” he called, his voice pitched to carry to the entire dock. “By order of the House of Cszabo, I am taking command of the ship. Prepare to shove off.”

Ellspeth’s voice rippled from the dark alley. “And where, pray tell, dear Uncle is the destination?” A flick of the reins urged her horse forward, the line of men parting before the steed’s armored hooves. Those who didn’t move fast enough were nudged aside by the horse. “I wasn’t aware that the House had met in council. Let alone that they had deposed me as the captain of Sea Falcon.” At the foot of the ship’s gangplank, Ellspeth spun the horse on its haunches to face her uncle. The sight of his red face spurred her own anger.

“Captain Ellspeth,” her kinsman dismissed her with a wave of his hand, “by order of the House of Cszabo I am taking command of Sea Falcon.”

Falcon is my ship. If it goes anywhere, I will be at the helm.”

“Enough of this.” Another’s imperious voice broke in.

Ellspeth shifted her focus to locate the speaker and settled her gaze on the face beneath the brown cowl.

“That ship needs to be purified. It is tainted by magic.”

“You want to take my ship because I gave passage to a wizard?”

“It is tainted. It will be purified... as will the crew.” Each word spit out, the tone demanded immediate, unconditional obedience.

Without looking Ellspeth could sense her crew preparing for battle behind her. Her own sword’s weight felt comforting across her thighs.

~ ~ ~

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  1. And thus the tension builds toward a conflict!

  2. Yikes - doesn't sound like Ellspeth should be messed with!! Love this hook!


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