52 Weeks in Review 2017 challenge #MFRWAuthor

Last week I gave some statistics about the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-week blog challenge. This week I summarize the heart of the challenge--the topics. When I first thought about participating, I wasn't sure about being about to do 52 posts, let alone the topics.

Some of the posts were easy, simple lists of things. Others were more challenging, especially with the consideration of writing something meaningful. Some of the posts were fun to share, others not so much. They were depressing as dreams that would never be fulfilled.

Then there were the subjects that were more personal than I care to reveal. I admit to being old school enough that I don't post my entire life on whatever is the social media site du jour. Experience with stalkers and identity theft also adds discretion to my reveals.

So how did I do as far as numbers?

Altogether 52 out of the 52 were posted. Yay! Pats self on the back. A glutton for punishment I'm back (at least part way) for 2018's challenge. But I've already decided I won't be doing every topic. Still be sure to follow my blog to be notified when I do jump in or follow the main hop list to the new posts.

Links to the 2017 posts by alphabetic topic are below. Again, congratulations to the other authors who participated. And to our readers I hope you enjoyed our revelations whether they be personal or about the writing life.

~till next time, Helen

Ancestry Inspires
Batteries Dead, Recharge Needed

Beauty in the Beholder's Eye
Bingeing on The Tube (TV Shows I Binge)
Biggest Accomplishment
Characters Have Favorite Things Too

Choosing Just One
Changing Seasons
Close the Door. It's Private

Format? What's Your Choice. Hear, Read, or Hold
Filling the Bucket
Friends For Now or Forever (Meet My Best Friend)
Guilty Pleasures - Food, Drink, Luxury
Hope and Kindness
A Heritage Recipe- Lokse

I Need A Hero
I'm Not Counting 

Inspiration Floats on the Wind
Laughing... Or Not
Last Meal? What Takes Forever to Cook
Love, Life, and Vengeance

Me Bad - My common writing mistake
Manage Time? Not Happening
Musing on Music
Memories of Firsts

My World
Name the Blossom - Rose or Tulip
Narration or Imagination
Never Forget

No Detail Too Small
Out and Away. Dream Journeys
Page to the Lens
Pet Peeve? Wrong Ending 

Picture Perfect - Hobbies When Not Writing
Plotter, Pantser, Explorer
Quote Unquote

Reading...read...read again
Rick, Stick, Kick, Ich (Words That Make Me Go Ich)
Stars, Stars, and More Stars
Surviving Writing Life When You're Not The Author

Ten Years, A Lifetime
To Catch A Dream
To The Next Generation
Weakness Makes Us Strong
Where Do You Hangout? Social Media Hangouts
Whoa Too Fast. A Childhood Memory
Writing is Magic
Want to Win My Heart? Chocolate
What's Bad for One is Good for Another
What is a Pet?

Space Beyond The Room (My Writing Space)

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