Fulfilling the #AtoZChallenge

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Before the #AtoZChallenge the longest one I had participated in was the MFRW 52-week challenge. But that was only one post a week and the topic was provided. One of the challenges of the AtoZ was finding a topic that fit a specific letter. The theme I chose for 2019 was fantasy from A to Z and it used the settings, characters, and insights into the fantasy worlds of the Windmaster Novels and the Dragshi Chronicles with a dash of the writing life mixed in. Besides the difficulty in matching a topic to a letter (more on that later), the short time frame that required a post a day was an additional complication.

For some posts a topic to match the letter was easily done. The easiest post to write was  P is for Lady Pelra. Windmaster Legend had just been released so the link to the character was still strong. And besides, not even a fledgling mage is to be trifled with.

As to what was my favorite post? Like many, if not most authors, I love my readers so I chose Y is for YOU the reader as my favorite post. A special gift was offered and if you haven't done so, don't forget to use the FREE READS button to claim your free gift of a science fiction short story, a scifi romance short, or a fantasy dragon short story.

My answer to the favorite graphic is simple. I won't choose and you can't make me. The picture of the seisag made me want to run out and take a trail ride through the woods. Whereas the image that inspired the volcano home of the god Tagachin had me reaching to book a ship to the orient. Then there was the fleeting image captured of the werehound. Don't look too long or they'll decide you're their prey. But if I have to choose just one, it is the jardrese deck. I had fun selecting the images and making the deck of tiles. Now I just have to master the game itself.

The full list of posts from the challenge follows. I hope you'll find a topic or two of interest.

~till next time, Helen

A is for Anastasia

B is for Broch
C is for Cailin
D is for Diovi and Daxa
E is for Eurichin 
F is for FATE
G is for Givneh
H is for horses
I  is for Imprisoned 

J is for Jardrese
K is for the Kapuna Tree
L is for Legend
M is for Mage

N is for Najest
O is for One

P is for Pelra
Q is for Queen
R  is for Redemption

S is for shipfish
T is for Tarekus
U is for uncommon mercy
V is for Ver

W is for Werehound
X is for Xelme
Y is for YOU
Z is for Zethar

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  1. You really made me laugh with "I can't choose and you won't make me"


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